2am Funnies – Top Ten Songs (Not) About Parenting


Sometimes at night I listen to music whilst feeding Rita and in my sleep deprived state, it got me thinking about song titles and how they link to my life as a parent. My favourite on a nappy change is to sing ‘Poonami’ to the tune of Tsunami by the Manics.

Here are my top ten of songs that are indirectly obviously about parenting…

Al Green – Lets Stay Together (We can do this!) (Can’t we???)

Oasis – (Eventual realisation that when it comes to ‘routine’ you have to) Roll with it

The Enemy – This is real (Oh Shit)

The Beatles – All you need is love (and a decent travel system)

Faithless – Insomnia (4 hours max is plenty)

Bobby McFerrin – Don’t worry be happy (as they eat anything they can get hands on / lick the carpet / get their head stuck in railings / wake up too early/ go to sleep too late / cry / have a leaky nappy. Then another / prod the dog / scream like they are being poked in the eye with a needle right in the middle of Tesco / bite the cat / scratch their sibling / vom on your new black top)

Guns n Roses – It’s So Easy (said no parent ever)

Tina Turner – (Despite all the heartaches – and headaches – this really is) The Best

Take That – The (unexpected poo) Flood

Stereophonics – Maybe tomorrow (will be easier? Will it??)

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