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A friend told me about Mummy Massage when I was pregnant and had some pain in my ribs which just would not go. The pain was not just uncomfortable but made it difficult to sleep and was on top of some back ache which was making life difficult.

Debbie runs Mummy Massage in Norden, Rochdale and Sale, South Manchester.

On arrival Debbie does an examination of you and goes through your pregnancy details. In my case she then told me there was nothing she could do about the rib pain and that it would go once I had given birth. I was so disappointed by this but also grateful that she was honest which built up my confidence in her abilities.

Debbie then set about working on my back and did a fantastic job of working on some of the tensions as well as giving me time to relax. Needless to say I felt wonderful by the end of the hour and although my ribs were no better, my back was great.

I saw Debbie once more before I had Rita, and recommended her to my NCT group – many of whom saw her and all with great success.

Since having Rita I have kept up appointments with Debbie every 4 weeks. My rib pain disappeared as promised immediately after labour, but my lower back has been causing a few problems with all the additional lifting and carrying. Debbie has been amazing as usual and not only works on the stresses in my back but gives me a relaxing massage and an escape for an hour from my increasingly chaotic lifestyle. I always look forward to this hour in the month and feel calm, relaxed and ready to face the world again afterwards.

I would thoroughly recommend taking some time out to all pregnant women and new Mums, and feel that going to Mummy Massage is the perfect way to do this.

You can find Debbie on FB (Mummy Massage) and Twitter (@MummyMassage)

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