2am Funnies – How Nutribullet saved my sanity


Nutribullet saved my sanity.

I could quite easily wax lyrical about the virtues of the Nutribullet in terms of nutrition – here’s my top 6 nutritional reasons why nutribullet rocks (although not the reason for the blog which I will come to in a minute):

I could give you ideas for recipes, reveal my favourite fruit / veg combo – tell you how cabbage goes surprisingly well with peaches.

I could discuss my discovery of replacing ice cubes with frozen fruit so that it’s still nice and chilled but with extra fruit for your cup-full.

I could divulge the secret super strength of raspberries and their ability to over power any greenery – even making raw kale a pleasure. Frozen raspberries are a must have for any serious Nutribullet user.


I could regale tales of trips to Tesco / Home and Bargain /Aldi / Holland and Barratt in search of the more elusive ingredients. And how, on finding them I bought beautiful glass jars to keep them in, thus creating a fabulously sparkly museum of super foods.


I could explain how for a lazy sod like me, the Nutribullet is ideal in terms of ease of use and (most importantly) ease of cleaning after use. But this is not about nutrition so doesn’t count.

I could explain how for a lazy sod like me the Nutribullet ensures I am getting at least the required 5 a day – if not more. I use it every day without fail.

I could surprise even myself by reciting recipes for delicious home made soups which I got from a Nutribullet ideas book. #cancookdontcook

Any of these points would stand alone as reasons to purchase this piece of equipment.

Any of these points would surely show why I love my Nutribullet so much.

Any of these points would be enough to expand into a blog all of their very own.
But – none of these points are the reason the Nutribullet saved my sanity.


My little girl was fed, clean, tired and inconsolable. Fighting sleep with every inch of her body she was screaming in the face of the land of nod. She had reached the level of hysteria that nothing was solving – anyone within a 50 metre radius probably thought I was sticking pins in her eyes. I had tried (almost) everything.

In the end, I was so hungry and I realised it was way past lunch time. I sat her in her chair in the kitchen and began to make a smoothie.

First of all I thought I just couldn’t hear the crying over the noise of the Nutribullet (it’s not the most delicate of equipment). But no, when I turned it off there was silence. I turned slowly to see a red face with a half smile. Just as I was about to breathe a slow sigh of relief and take two paracetamol, the crying began again. I don’t know where her stubborn streak comes from….
Quickly I turned the Nutribullet back on. Instantly the crying stopped and moments later, sleep set in.

Thank you nutribullet for the beautiful healthy smoothies and soups that are so flipping easy to make.

Thank you more though for being the most effective white noise in getting my baby girl to sleep and saving my sanity.

To find out what the little things are that send me over the edge, try this –


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