Not bad parenting – just real life


Bad parenting? Nope – this is real life.

So being at work full time plus parenting is hard. To be honest, parenting is hard regardless of whatever else you are trying to do. Shop. Cook. Clean. Wash. Have a wee.

Let’s face it, no matter what Instagram tells you, no one has their shit together in that glossy, shiny, happy facade all of the time. Things happen…..

Here’s my top ten from the past six weeks.

1 – Usually Rita is the alarm clock. So when Rita slept in – I slept in and had to take Rita to childminder’s house in her PJs. Miraculously managed to grab clothes, toothbrush and shoes on the way out. But not the dummy – aaagh!

2a – Pretended not to hear Rita crying upstairs whilst we watched the last five minutes of The Fall
2b – Pretended not to hear Rita crying in the night and even did some fake snoring until G got up to sort it.
2c – 2b again. And again.

3 – Rita had sleepover at Grandparents and we should have collected in the morning when we got up but actually went for a swim, a read of the paper and a Sunday roast lunch – without kids – first.

4 – Rather than keep on top of the washing I have just bought her more clothes. And socks. And Pjs. The washing pile is currently locked in the bathroom in the attic and I’m pretending it doesn’t exist.

5 – Peppa Pig is basically a third parent in our house and in times of stress we play the story CD to help get Rita to sleep / have her on the iPad whilst getting dinner ready / use her for entertainment on long car journeys (we even have those iPad holder things that go on the back of the head rests that I swore I would never buy).

6 – A bath every night? Hahahahahaha!!!

7 – I do the weekly food shop early every Saturday morning and make out I’m a hero. The only super human talent I have is getting around Aldi quick enough to sneak into Costa for 5 mins peace on the way home.

8 – I had a meeting at work that finished earlier than expected. Didn’t go straight home – stopped by the pub with a few colleagues for a quick wine. Got home and bemoaned the length of meetings.

9 – Picked Rita up later than expected only to discover that we were locked out as I had forgotten my keys and we were penniless as I had forgotten my purse. Took up camp at the nearest pub, got Rita food and me wine, and both of us ice cream and waited to be rescued.

10 – Not Rita related but definitely awful – had some kind of horrific cold for a fortnight. No shifting it. Got to the end of half term on Friday, coughing in the night and then without warning coughed quite hard and threw up all over myself, the pillows, the bed, my hair…..

This is life. I’m not complaining – aside from all the chaos, it’s pretty ace!

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