The SUPERB Salford ScrapStore


Salford ScrapStore (M6 6FL) is an amazing place – set up to make use of business waste and give children the chance to be creative and learn through play in a safe and friendly environment.

Cups and paper, mannequins and folders, ribbons and sequins, tubes and bottles, net, balloons, material, zips, polystyrene – you name it, they’ve got it.

They recycle it.

They reuse it.


The ScrapStore consists of an Artrageous art shop open to all, a members area open to those who work with children (and have membership – which is very reasonably priced) and several other rooms used on Super Saturdays and throughout the week for workshops, activities and fun!

Super Saturdays are entirely free events for families to come, craft and create. Donations are welcome as the ScrapStore is a charity and the sessions you get to be part of are well worth a few quid. From messy play to musical instruments, outdoor fun to circus sensory, arts and design to junk modelling, the ScrapStore has it all with a different theme each week.

With a kitchen providing tea, coffee, toast, fruit and biscuits – again for a donation, this place really meets all the needs of a fabulous family Saturday morning.

We went to a messy play painting session with cardboard all over the walls and paper all over the floor – the kids could paint wherever they wanted. With brushes and sponges, rollers and spatulas, a marvellously messy time was had by all. In addition to this was some live music which made for a perfect laid back atmosphere, and a little workshop room where you could make junk instruments of your own. We had a ball.

You can find out what’s going on via their social media – check out the details of their upcoming events and see what you fancy doing. Unlike a lot of kids sessions, there is no six week sign up, no tying you down to dates, no upfront cost to pay.

Find out more here –

If you work with children, membership is well worth it as a suggested donation for a trolley load of scrap is just £15.50 – bargain. You will find yourself lost in barrels of scrap with your imagination running wild as to how you can use it!


The staff are brilliant, friendly and hands on – full of enthusiasm and ensuring kids of all ages are fully engaged in this immersive experience.

img_6147Also there regularly at weekends are the wonderful Salford Sling Meet and library – these fabulous women taught me how to first wrap Rita many many months ago. Join them for a brew, a browse of the slings they have to loan, support, advice and usually some yummy cake.

Find them here for more info, meets and support.

We highly recommend Salford ScrapStore and think that as more people find out about it and popularity grows, workshops and activities will possibly become ticketed, though as it is a charity it will always remain affordable. Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming events – I’ve heard on the grapevine that there is a collaboration with on the horizon – Groovy Baby is coming to the ScrapStore. Check out social media for more info! Salford ScrapStore provided the amazing Make Do and Mess at Our Kids Stocktoberfest event which was super!

We will deffo be back to the ScrapStore soon – we can’t wait to see what they have in store for Christmas 😀

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