Dance, dance, dance


We are Hannah, Alice and Jo and we run Our Kids Social family events across Manchester. In Feb we are hosting our first ever OKS gig – and here is why!

The Stone Roses, Chemical Brothers, James, Blur, Happy Mondays, Oasis, Fratellis, Take That, Grace Jones, Pet Shop Boys, Ian Brown, Elbow…. the list goes on and on because we have always loved a gig. A band. Live music. A concert. A festival.

But not David Guetta – he wasn’t for us.
We left early and went for a dance in The Northern Quarter instead.


Some gigs we can remember better than others, some we spent high on shoulders, some we smuggled rum into, but at all of them we danced the whole way through. Dancing in wellies, dancing in sequinned hot pants, dancing in straw hats and shoulder pads, dancing in the rain and dancing in our sunnies, dancing all dressed as Bet Lynch – Y-Not festival we loved you.


Sometimes we knew all of the words, sometimes we made them up. We have jumped at gigs, twirled at them, kissed at them, got lost at them but gigs – they are undoutedly part of who we are and what we love.

We all became parents and gigging still happens but as is the way, it is now less often than our younger days. We still love live music – all music. We want our kids to love it too – and not just the stuff they get via Bluetooth and phones – music that they can’t see and hold. We all own record players – old school I know, but the vinyl and the sleeves and the artwork – they are so important to the music!


Our Kids Social is built around music and we couldn’t believe our luck when we came across The Rockin Rhinos – a real band that play real live music FOR FAMILIES. Guy Gorilla, John Cooper Cat, Mani Mouse and more!


What better way to introduce our little ones to the events we love so much? We knew they were right up our street before we even saw them live and when we did, at their Christmas Cracker, they didn’t disappoint. They set out to save the families of Mancunia from bland everyday music and that is exactly what they did.


From ska to Bowie with some Christmas favourites thrown in too, we didn’t stop singing all afternoon. We danced with our kids, we danced and skipped and jumped, we even had a pint. We all – kids included – loved it. What a way to spend a family Sunday afternoon.


And so to February – it’s The Rockin Rhinos’ next gig and we have the pleasure of collaborating and bringing them to Stockport as part of our Social Safari!


Not only do we have their animaltastic gig but we have all the usual OKS goodness for your family to enjoy – silent disco, arts and mask making, fancy dress up, family photo frame, homemade cakes and a BAR!


It’s going to be a truly awesome afternoon. We aim to please under 8s and their families with something for everyone – and a pint 😉


So, join us on the dancefloor – bring your family to our community. Whether you are a toe-tapper or a shoulder-shuffler, a pit-mosher or a moon-walker, you are all welcome here. Come as you are and join us for a knees up with your nippers!


For tickets and more info about this and all our 2017 events, go here

To find out more about The Rockin Rhinos go here

To check us out on Facebook and see pics of past events go here

For Instagram we are @ourk_s






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