Do what you love

The last twelve months have been …. busy, incredible and successful.


It’s odd because to write that you have been successful is not really the done thing – to put it out there that actually, you think you are pretty great isn’t very British. But I don’t just think it.
I know it.

We are three friends – Alice, Jo and Hannah (that’s me). As friends we had been through thick and thin. Together we have travelled to gigs and festivals, enjoyed hen dos and holidays, survived heart ache and upset, and we have danced and danced and danced. Then, all at once, we were all pregnant at the same time – and due within 8 weeks of each other.

With one a little early and one a little late, the girls arrived within 4 weeks of each other and hence we got to enjoy a fabulous maternity leave together.


Having exhausted all options of massage and play, rhyme and sign, we realised that the weekend was often a barran waste land of family activity unless you were prepared to strap on the parent-armour and face the soft play. *shudder

We talked. And talked. And talked some more – about what it is we would enjoy. We essentially wanted to be able to do with our kids what we, and our partners have always loved – music, creativity, art, craft, theatre – fun and laughter.

If we could have half a lager while we were there, all the better!

The more we talked the more it felt like it was possible. And so we decided to give it a go. What did we have to lose?


Just towards the end of our mat leave we put on our first event – in a social club in Sale. Our Kids Social was born. It was such a euphoric feeling when people not only bought tickets, but turned up! And they enjoyed themselves! We were so proud of our event and decided that yes, there could be more.


Finding venues proved harder than we thought, as did running the events on a shoe string. However, with backgrounds in education, fashion design and inclusion – and obviously being parents, we felt we knew the right mix to make it work.

We have now had 12 months of events and a 2017 calendar which is filling up rapidly – there is even a festival this summer as we will be featuring at the amazing Just So Festival which will be the icing on the cake.


We thoroughly enjoy running OKS events – it’s our small business on the side now we are all back at work, and it is most definitely hard work but we love it and in life – you have to do what you love. Make time for the things that make you smile.


If you are reading this and you are in the North West, we would love to see you on our dancefloor in the near future – our events vary every time with no two the same. There is a mix of vinyl revival, silent disco, storytelling, theatre, arts and crafts, live music, dance, toddler fun, multi-sensory experiences for our youngest community members, homemade cakes, and always a bar.

We collaborate with local businesses to provide something different every time and will be celebrating our first birthday in style this January.


Coming up we have our (sold out) birthday bash in Sale in Jan, a live gig from The Rockin Rhinos at our Social Safari in Stockport in Feb, and our neontastic Let’s Glo Social at Z-Arts in March – all tickets and details can be found at

Come to our community.

Come as you are.

Come and bring your family to a knees up with your nippers!

We guarantee you will love it as much as we do.



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