Roll up! The circus is in town!

It was wet, grey and miserable. Another Sunday in Manchester. And it was so very, very cold. We could have quite happily stayed in our PJs all day playing with pop-up Darth Vader and a shed load of duplo but no. We braved the Manchester windy weather and I am so glad that we did.


Thank goodness for Funtasia Circus – here in Manc at Wythenshawe Park until 19th Feb. We had 4 ringside seats and it may have been cold outside but in the big top, the atmosphere is electric! What a show – we were not disappointed.


With a 6yr old and Rita at 20 months we didn’t know if a whole circus show (45 mins each half), would be too much. Hey we thought – we had nothing to lose and there is a swingpark outside if it all goes horribly wrong. And by horribly wrong, I mean that half of me was expecting to have to politely exit with a squirmy toddler part way through.


Wrapped up warm and armed with jelly babies we settled in – and we were all mesmerised for the entire time. No shouts of ‘down mummy’ or ‘wee wee’ or ‘MINE!’ (the current most commonly heard phrases in our house). Just stunned silence at the lights, the beauty, the magic.

From plate spinning to juggling, tightrope walking to aerial acrobatics it was spectacular. Tricks and turns high in the air, spinning on roller boots and feats of pure strength. Gasps of delight, shock and fear filled the big top.


With the wonderfully talented and funny Anthony in between acts and a rousing, roaring, death defying final act involving 4 motorbikes inside a metal cage sphere, it was action all the way.

My heart was in my throat on more than one occasion!


With all the usual circus snacks and light up toys to buy, the scene is set from the off. The performers and crew work hard throughout to provide a seamless show with a well timed interval.

We were on the edge of our seats throughout. Time flew by and we clapped, cheered and laughed out way through.


The strength and skills of the performers is breathtaking and we would recommend all families to head over to the bigtop this half term.



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