Croma – the answer to our kitchenless prayers

This is not a sponsored post – just an honest review about Croma, which we love!

Having had no kitchen for going on six weeks, it is safe to say the novelty had worn off, and eating out every night just isn’t affordable. Having tried every combination of jacket potato and become sick at the sight of a microwaveable meal, we decided we had to go ‘out’ to eat.

With kids, eating ‘out’ is often difficult. It’s not simply a case of eating. There is all the other stuff to consider – the other diners, the fanciness of the the venue, how easy to clean the floor is, whether there is even a kids menu and how quick they can cook it. It often feels more hassle than it’s worth and you end up wolfing down your chosen food (whilst entertaining the masses, mopping shit up, cajoling into eating more, bribing with ice-cream, taking to the toilet etc etc), not enjoying it and then resenting paying for it.

Here are the top 10 reasons why Croma was the answer to maintaining our sanity – (please note we ate at Croma Chorlton).

1. Half way high chairs


Rita is at that fabulously awkward age where she doesn’t want to sit in a high chair but equally, she isn’t tall enough for the average dining chair. Croma has the option of half-way high chairs that clip to normal chairs like a booster seat. Ideal – everyone’s a winner.

2. Lids on drinks

This is simply genius. The kids’ juice was in plain clear plastic cups that had lids and a straw. Not only does it undoubtedly save on the number of times they have to wipe up spilt stuff, but it also saves parents from having to keep one eye on the drinks and their heart in their throats waiting for the inevitable yet accidental knockage. The one that normally goes directly into your just served main. (See pic at bottom).

3 £5.95 for a kid’s pizzatini meal

This includes starter, main, dessert, drink and a cromaccino frothy milk jobby at the end. No more needs to be said on this.


4. Kids packs

Croma has a box full of toys and books for the very young, and kid activity packs with coloured crayons for the slightly older. This includes puzzles, word searches, colouring etc – great to keep little people busy whilst waiting for your food (which doesn’t take long).

5 Tablecloths. Yes – tablecloths

As if they haven’t provided enough for your kids to be getting on with, Croma has thin white paper table cloths over all the ‘real’ ones. This means your kids can doodle, scribble, sign their names to their hearts content – all over the place. And no-one will mind.

Worth pointing out to them that the same rules more definitely do not apply at home. Although I may invest in a load of paper table cloths and crayons of my own!

6. Staff

The staff are great. Friendly, helpful, patient and good when kids. They are not fazed by dropped splodges of sticky ice-cream, flying cutlery or wandering children. It is almost as if they see this stuff every day – which they probably do.

7. Great food – great value around family tea time

Croma is not one of those places that only has the good offers on at silly times. They do a great two course menu at early tea time – or in a parent’s world, at the kids’ tea time. This is perfect as it means you get to have two courses without breaking the bank. Not only that but the menu on offer isn’t shit – you can have pretty much any main you want from the main menu – ace.


8. The customers

Croma is incredibly family friendly for all of the reasons outlined in this post. Therefore it is hardly surprising that you won’t be the only one with kids in there at early tea time. There will be loads of families and loads of kids. This means that if your little darlings decide to have a melt-down, a dance-off or a wander to look at the pizza on the next table, chances are so will everyone else’s offspring.

No need to call them back in hushed threatening tones. No need to panic about embarrassment or ruining other people’s dinner – because you are all in the same boat. You all get it.

9 . Snazzy hand driers

Go check them out.

10. Glass of wine next time

As if all of this wasn’t enough, on paying the bill we got vouchers for a free glass of wine each on our next visit. How bloody marvellous!


Also – there is a loyalty card, buy 5 pizzas, get 1 free. AND all of their food is available for take away although really, why would you want the hassle of eating at home when it’s this easy to eat out??

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One thought on “Croma – the answer to our kitchenless prayers

  1. We take our grandchildren to Prestwich Croma all the time. It’s just the same. Lovely staff and great service. On my 7 year olds last birthday they brought him a free portion of prawns because he said they were his favourite. I was happy to pay but they said it was a gift.


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