Women are.

As part of a mythbusting digimeet about women on Twitter, I chose the title ‘Women are babymakers’.

I write this 6 months pregnant and so yes, I know there are women who make babies. And women who don’t. And women who do lots of other things too.


‘Women are the baby makers’,

Risk takers, booty shakers.


‘Women are the newborn carriers’,

Ceiling shatterers, breaking barriers.


‘Women are the child raisers’,

Nothing-fazers, star gazers.


‘Women are the family feeders’,

Fierce leaders, avid readers.


‘Women are the dinner-cookers’,

On-lookers, Don’t-give-a-fuckers.


‘Women are the clothes folders’,

Standing on shoulders, getting bolders.


‘Women are the high-heel wearers’,

Glory sharers, rule book tearers.


‘Women are the home keepers’,

Reward reapers, occasional weepers.


‘Women are always clean and tidy’,

Hoover on Monday, Gin on Friday.


‘Women are the kiss it betters’,

Glad you met hers, go and getters.


‘Women are incessant talkers’,

Great explorers, wanting morers.


‘Women are kids’ taxi drivers’,

Life’s thrivers, high-fivers.


‘Women are the hair pluckers’,

Bed tuckers, not about lookers.


‘Women are the load lighteners’,

Wrong righters, up all nighters.


‘Women are the organisers’,

Up we risers, quiet and wisers.


‘Women are the peace makers’,

Sometimes bakers, sometimes takers.


‘Women are the food shoppers’,

Hair choppers, disco boppers.


‘Women are the bra burners’,

Passion yearners, ever-learners.


Women are.


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