Women’s Words – Scouser Working In Manchester


My poem is written as my contribution to ‘Women’s Words’ Literary Project 2018 which all women working or living in Manchester are invited to be part of.

It is – ‘A celebratory collection of real life stories that’s built around you and your experience of living, working and growing in Manchester’ and you can find out more here.

This collection is being put together in collaboration with The Pankhurst Trust and you should email your writing by 24th Nov to womenswords@thepankhursttrust.org.uk or if you have access to printing, there is a form to complete and print and then you can take to a MCR Library.


Here is the info you need – 


Are you a woman who’s 16 years or older? We want you to add your own words to a new archive of women’s stories about living, working and growing in this vibrant city we call home; Manchester.

Has this city been a part of your story as you’ve become the amazing woman you are today? We’d love to hear your story in your own words. You don’t have to be a confident writer to take part. It’s your story that matters, not your ability or background. Even if you can’t write in English, you can have someone write your words down for you. Your story should be 1000 words or less, and can be in the form of a story, a poem, even a list of notes, memories or thoughts.


Here is my contribution!


Scouser Working In Manchester

it’s an acronym.
Resounding like a hymn.

The weather is wet.
It’s simple. It’s plain.
The weather is a complex
punctuation of pain.

Learning a language, an accent anew
Northern Quarter nights to morning
light dawns through.

Teaching and learning,
living and earning.
Making decisions;
becoming discerning.

Exploring the parks and wide open space.
New houses, new people – finding my place.

The freedom of music, the bands, the art.
Loving and losing with all of my heart.

Discovering Manchest-A.
Discovering myself.
Discovering support –
in sickness and in health.

Christies – check-ups – Salford Royal.
Strangers and colleagues and friends.
Laughing and laughing and laughing some more,
for days and nights on end………

The weather is wet.
It’s simple. It’s plain.
The weather is monotonous.
Grey – and grey again.

Footy and running and joining the gym.
Sunday’s pub time – enjoying the din.

Racing, competing, and pushing myself.
Prioritising me – my life
– my health.

Chorlton, Stretford, Ancoats, Sale.
Ardwick, Fallowfield, Blackley, Hale.
Worsley, Rochdale, Eccles, Hulme.
Greater Manchester – you count too.

Love that is love that is here that is now.
Now it is love it is here it is how.

Family time. A house. A home.
Not one with an accent that sounds like my own.
Spreading our wings and planting our roots –
holidays and festivals and blue welly-boots.

Discovering writing,
Discovering the bliss,
Discovering the peace,
From just doing this.

The weather is wet.
It’s simple. It’s plain.
The weather is so Manchester.
Sheets of driving rain.

So much more than a SWIM right now,
most likely here to stay.
Always proud of my deep red blood



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